Have a great time in the Netherlands? Discover the Netherlands from a new perspective. There is a lot to experience in the Netherlands that you are totally unaware of. TravelerTips gives you tips for a vacation or fun city break in the Netherlands.


Daytrip in Enschede

The most fun city in the east of the country is clearly Enschede. Not only does this student city have a great range of large and small shops, it has…
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Tourist in the Netherlands

A rich history, beautiful nature and cozy cities. That’s what makes NEderland an ideal vacation country! Combine it with our attractions and impressive museums, and you wonder why people still book vacations to sunny places?

Day in Amsterdam?

One of the most popular attractions in the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the country’s capital. Amsterdam is known for its canals, museums and cozy cafes. You can explore the city by canal boat or bicycle tour and enjoy the atmosphere and culture.

The Keukenhof is the largest flower park in the Netherlands. The park is only open in spring and offers a beautiful color spectacle with millions of flowers. Visit the park and enjoy the scents and colors.

Dutch nature

The Netherlands has many beautiful natural areas, such as the Veluwe and the Drentsche Aa, which are perfect for a day in nature. If you lesson on it, you will discover countless hiking and biking routes throughout the country.

Tasty food and drinks

Enjoy typical Dutch dishes, such as pancakes and cheese, and don’t forget the local beers and even Dutch wine. Throughout the country there are plenty of nice restaurants and cafes in to enjoy the food and drink. So try a cafe in another city!