Mannheim amusement park Germany

5 things to do in Mannheim

Mannheim is a beautiful student city in Germany with a lot to offer. A city break to Mannheim is a fun and interesting way to explore the city. Mannheim offers many fun activities and attractions, so there is plenty to do during your stay. Moreover, the city is easy to reach by public transport and has a good range of hotels and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for cultural experiences or just want to enjoy the city, a city break to Mannheim is worthwhile.

Top 5 trips in Mannheim

Whether you are a tourist or just looking for fun things to do in the city, here are five fun activities to do in Mannheim:

1. Luisenpark

Visit the Luisenpark. This impressive park with a China garden and a teahouse is a popular attraction in Mannheim. Cruise the park’s ditches on a boat and enjoy the park’s beautiful nature. More information and tickets at

2. Planetarium

Head to the Mannheim Planetarium. This fascinating planetarium offers shows and presentations about space and the universe. It is a fun activity for both children and adults.

3. Technoseum

Visit the Technoseum. This museum is dedicated to the history of technology and offers interesting exhibits on the development of technology in Germany.

4. The theatre

Enjoy a concert or performance at Mannheim’s Nationaltheater. This historic theatre regularly offers interesting performances and shows.

5. Friedrichsplatz

Head to Friedrichsplatz and visit the Marienkirche. This beautiful square and this famous church are must-sees while visiting Mannheim.

What will you do in Mannheim?

There are many more fun things to do in Mannheim. You can always go shopping in the city centre. Or visit a cosy café for a cappuccino or a German beer. So if you get the chance, visit this student city and discover what it has to offer!