Alpen Beieren

The Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps are a wonderful destination for a holiday. With their majestic mountain peaks, tranquil lakes and vast forests, they offer a range of activities for both adventurers and those seeking rest and relaxation.

Hiking, swimming and boating

Another popular activity in the Bavarian Alps is visiting the region’s many lakes. These lakes, such as Königssee and Chiemsee, are popular destinations for swimmers, surfers and sailors all year round. There are also numerous boat trips available, where you can view the area from the water.

Active in the alps

Besides hiking and visiting lakes, the Bavarian Alps also offer numerous other activities. For example, you can go skiing or snowboarding in the winter months, or explore the many cycling and mountain biking routes in the summer. There are also numerous museums and historical sites to visit, including the Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle.

If you love nature, a holiday to the Bavarian Alps is definitely recommended. This beautiful region in southern Germany is known for its impressive mountain peaks, shimmering lakes and idyllic villages. Below, we give three examples of sights you should definitely not miss during your visit to the Bavarian Alps.

Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen is probably the most famous castle in Germany is. Built in the 19th century, the castle is known for its beautiful, romantic architecture. The castle is located in beautiful surroundings, overlooking the mountains and mountain lakes. Moreover, you can take a guided tour of the castle and see its beautiful interiors.


Germany’s highest mountain is the Zugspitze. This mountain is located on the border between Bavaria and Tyrol and provides stunning views of the Alps. You can climb to the top of the mountain or take the cable car. From the top, you can enjoy panoramic views and, weather permitting, even see the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

The Linderhof Palace

The Linderhof Palace is a beautiful castle in the Bavarian Alps, in Germany. Built in the 19th century for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, it is one of three castles he commissioned. Built in the Neo-Renaissance style, the palace has beautiful gardens and interiors.

One of the highlights of the Linderhof Palace is the Arab Room, which was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. This room is fully tiled with mosaics and has beautiful gilded ceilings and walls.

Bier und bratwürst

The food and drink in the Bavarian Alps is also a highlight of a holiday in the region. Bavarian cuisine is known for its hearty dishes and tasty beers. Try the traditional Bavarian sausage, for example, or one of the many other local specialities, such as knödel and schnitzel.

With all these activities and sights, it is clear why a holiday to the Bavarian Alps is so popular. And the city of Munich is always nearby for a city trip during your Bavarian holiday.