Vakantie Eifel Duitsland

The German Eifel – Nature and thrills

The Eifel is a beautiful area in north-west Germany, known for its vast forests, idyllic villages and spectacular views. It is a popular holiday destination, with plenty of activities and sights to explore.

Hiking trails in the Eifel

One of the most popular activities in the Eifel region is hiking. There are numerous hiking trails that lead past beautiful views and tranquil lakes. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, there are also numerous mountain tours available. On these mountain tours, you will climb to magnificent panoramas that you can admire from the top.

Another popular activity in the Eifel region is visiting its many natural parks. These parks, such as the Eifel National Park and the Hohes Venn-Eifel National Park, offer the opportunity to explore the pristine nature of the Eifel and enjoy the area’s rich flora and fauna.

Besides hiking and visiting nature parks, the Eifel also offers numerous other activities. For example, you can go skiing or snowboarding in the winter months, or explore the many cycling and mountain biking routes in the summer.

Nürburgring circuit

A visit to the Nürburgring circuit is a unique experience for motorsport enthusiasts. The circuit has two separate tracks, the Nordschleife and the GP-Strecke, which together are about 20 kilometres long. During your visit, you can explore the circuit itself or take a guided tour to learn more about its history and technology.

Besides the circuit itself, the Nürburgring also offers plenty of other activities. For example, you can take a ride in one of the many race cars available to visitors, or take part in a racing simulation to experience what it is like to race on the circuit. There is also a museum at the circuit, where you can learn more about the history of motorsport in Germany.


The Vulkanmuseum is an interesting and educational attraction in Eifel, Germany. The museum is dedicated to the history of volcanism and offers a unique look into the world of volcanoes.

The museum has numerous exhibitions and interactive displays that take you on a fascinating journey through the history of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions. For example, you can learn about the different types of volcanoes and how they are formed, or see the impact of volcanic eruptions on the environment and society.

All in all, a visit to the Vulkanmuseum is an educational and unique experience for those interested in geology and physics. The museum is a must-see during a holiday in the Eifel region.

Accommodation in the Eifel

If you are looking for a quiet place to stay during your holidays in the Eifel, there are numerous charming villages and towns to choose from. The city of Cologne, for example, is a popular choice, with its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife. Other popular destinations include Trier and Aachen.

Eifel food and drink is also a highlight of a holiday in the region. Eifel cuisine is known for its hearty dishes and tasty beers. Try the traditional Eifel sausage, for example, or one of the many other local specialities, such as Rheinischer Sauerbraten and Kölner Kartoffelsalat.

With all these activities and sights, it is clear why a holiday to the Eifel is so popular.