De Harz Duitsland

German nature: The Harz

The Harz is a beautiful area in Germany and an ideal destination for a holiday. The area is known for its stunning nature, with high mountain peaks, deep valleys and crystal-clear rivers. Moreover, the Harz offers many fun and special places to discover.

View from the Brocken

One of the most popular sights in the Harz is the Brocken, the highest mountain in the area. From the top of the mountain, you have a beautiful view of the landscape and can enjoy the peace and nature. There are also several hiking and cycling routes in the area.

The adventurous Stiegengebirge

The Stiegengebirge is a mountain area with numerous gorges, caves and ravines. The area is popular with adventurers and offers many opportunities for climbing and scrambling. If you are less adventurous, opt for a tour of the area’s caves and canyons. There are also several hiking and cycling routes in the area.

Railway history at the railway museum

A special place to visit is the German Railway Museum in Wernigerode. The museum offers an interesting overview of the history of railway transport in Germany and introduces you to various historical trains. Take a train ride under the smoke of the traditional steam locomotive.

Sheep’s cheese from the Harz

Harzer Käs is the regional cheese of the Harz. See with your own eyes how the cheese is made. A fun, educational and special experience. This characteristic cheese is made from raw sheep’s milk and has a unique, spicy flavour. You can taste and buy the cheese in various shops and markets in the Harz.

From the highest mountain to the unique regional cheese, the Harz is a unique region for wonderful adventures. Discover a different side of Germany. We recommend visiting the Harz once